• Ex Youth - Oakland Intervention Cassette

In conjunction with JAWK Records, NMZ is ready to continue to push one of the best straight edge EPs in recent times.

Oakland is vast in culture and in mass. But much of that culture is shrinking while the city limits stay the same. Traditions are being abandoned, strangers are accommodated, and old neighborhoods are becoming unfamiliar. Some believe this is a complicated issue with pros and cons that has no single answer. Others believe there is a simple solution. EX YOUTH gives their opinion on their debut EP “Oakland Intervention.” Made available by the reactivated hardcore label Jawk Records. Recorded by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, CA (Deafheaven, Limp Wrist, Tony Molina etc). On “Oakland Intervention” EX YOUTH uses early 80’s California Hardcore and late 80’s New York groove as a vehicle for social commentary (i.e. ‘I Hate San Francisco’), introspective revelations (i.e. ‘Mute’ and ‘Melatonin’) and, of course, Straight Edge (i.e. ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ and Last One Standing’). In the opening track, ‘Mute’, vocalist Anthony Anzaldo shouts “A moments’ time can feel like days, but a moment in time is just a phase”. This is a reminder that pain can be temporary and to always allow your convictions to be present.

Ex Youth - Oakland Intervention Cassette

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