• Damien Done - Stay Black 12"

Despite its arcane history, Stay Black made its way onto the hard drives of many, and songs were featured on the soundtracks of adult films and Vice Guide to Travel DVDs. Now, after years of missteps and odd circumstances, the refreshing (if not a bit chilling) studio recording will finally see a proper vinyl release.

Sparse, minimalist rock and roll dirges from Damien Moyal, frontman best known for his tenure in the hardcore punk band As Friends Rust.

Damien Done makes a notable sonic departure from his more raucous past, instead crooning over bleak, droning, mostly acoustic-driven numbers that crawl like molasses, while tinted with dark and faraway hints of blues and metal.

Listen: https://damiendone.bandcamp.com/album/stay-black-ep

Damien Done - Stay Black 12"

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