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I hate "cool" hardcore. Growing up in a small, isolated city meant that punk and hardcore were an escape from hicks and jocks and backwards mentalities. This subculture was a way to resist, to push back against the pervasive nature of capitalism, sexism, homophobia and racism - a place to harness the aggression of youth and push it out into the world as positivity. Hardcore for me is now and has always been about acceptance, it's about love - providing a space for people who feel lost. When I had nowhere else to go, I had these records and these shows and tours that showed me the possibility of a better world. I sold everything to punk and I never want it back.
Hardcore is a lot of different things to a lot of different people, I just don't think we should lose that youthful arrogance that we can change the world.

One of the most beautiful things is when you see that sense of love and optimism in people getting older. At 17, it's easy to feel like every pile on is a step towards truer democracy, that those chords will ring out until every cage is empty. When you're 27, it's a little harder. Seeing people drag their small town kicking and screaming into the future, forcing subculture into existence trough love and passion is something truly beautiful.

This is what bands like Boxkite mean to me. Growing up, every shit hole town needed their Boxkite, because without them the kids would never have found our culture. For me, this record has shades of Go it Alone, Blacklisted, Reign Supreme, Modern Life is War and a bunch of other bands from that period. If you don't like that stuff, check it out anyway. Whatever your taste, this is what a record sounds like when it's made out of love and honesty. If you hear it and don't like it, just go start your own band.
- Allan Gardner

Boxkite - s/t MLP

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