• Police Shit / Einhorn Krieger - Safe The Punk LP

Police Shit are back with 4 new songs on this album. Rough sound and vocals goeing straight out and in your face against society (Stolz und Frei), cops (chain dogs), and radical fanatics (Die Antwort) no matter which side. This song will piss off someones so the more important that there are punk bands that are free to go their own way and follow no slogans and ideologies.

Einhorn Krieger instead plays very melodic punkrock on the B side, which makes for a good variety while listening to the record. Songs like '' Millionär '' or '' Michi Bruderherz '' are immediately in your head when you listen to it once. Lyrically, it is here partly personal but also about happier (Des Teufels Tochter ) to the point. A special highlight on this record is the new version of the song '' Oi! `` (Police Shit) in which both bands are represented, the message is clear STAY PUNK NOT MORE NOT LESS.

With Police Shit (Frohburg) and Einhorn Krieger (Einhorn, ex-Atemnot) here are 2 bands whose bandmembers are partly active for over 20 years and that out of conviction. If you've always liked Police Shit, you'll love the new songs, who also loves melodic Punkrock like Einhorn Krieger plays it than buy the record. You will not regret it.


Police Shit / Einhorn Krieger - Safe The Punk LP

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