• U&P 035 Wake Of Humanity - FIGHT/RESIST LP

    150x grey wax

    350x clear wax

    Co-release with Bitter Melody Records

  • U&P 034 Envision - A World Unseen 7"

    110x red wax

    220x black wax

  • U&P 033 Great Reversals - Stalactite 12"

    100x clear wax

    100x grey wax

    Co-release with Dropping Bombs

  • U&P 032 Quentin Sauvé - Whatever It Takes LP

    500x clear wax with black smoke

    Co-release with I.Corrupt Records, Skeletal Lightning, L'autre Distribution (Ideal Crash label)

  • U&P 032 V/A Youth Crew 2018 comp 7"

    143x white wax

    240x pink wax

    240x purple wax

  • U&P 031 X Devour X / xREIGNx split 7"

    100x black wax

    115x marbled blue wax

    135x green wax

  • U&P 030 Racetraitor - Burn The Idol Of The White Messiah LP (2nd Euro press)

    91x half beer/half suede blue wax

    133x ruby tuesday wax

    Co-release with Goodfight Music

  • U&P 029 Wake Of Humanity - At Capacity 7"

    75x coke bottle clear wax with regular cover

    25x coke bottle clear wax with pre-order cover

    Co-release with Headfirst! Records

  • U&P 027 Sendero - Liberacion LP

    137x orange wax

    123x lilac wax

    Co-release with Vegan Records

  • U&P 026 King Of Sorrow - Bow To My Wrath LP

    110x white wax

    165x black wax

  • U&P 025 Old Ghosts - Blue Print flexi

    250x red flexis

    Co-release with State of Mind Recordings

  • U&P 024 X Devour X - Defiant Until The End LP

    105x black wax

    194x red wax

  • U&P 023 Nine Eleven - Sentinels LP

    300x marbled wax

    700x black wax


  • U&P 022 Band of Mercy - Veganocracy 7"

    118x black wax

    150x orange wax (exclusive Euro color)

    160x green wax (exclusive US color)

    Co-release with Dead Truth Recordings

  • U&P 021 KPD-0 - s/t 2xLP

    154x black wax

    Co-release with Amek Collective

  • U&P 020 V/A - Youth Crew 2016 7"

    95x yellow wax

    102x green wax

    123x black wax

    195x dark green wax

    Co-release with Commitment Records, Positive and Focused Records, SP Discos, Speedowax and State of Mind Recordings

  • U&P 019 Set It Straight - My Favorite Words LP

    200x black wax

    200x red wax

    Co-release with Positive and Focused Records and Speedowax

  • U&P 018 Gab De La Vega - Never Look Back LP

    500x black wax

    500x white wax

    Co-release with Epidemic Records + more...

  • U&P 017 Guidance - Path Of Grace LP

    20x test pressings

    274x black wax

    Co-release with Monument and The Underground Faction

  • U&P 016 Seven Generations - Love Through Unrepining Hours 12"

    20x test pressings

    110x black wax

    220x transparent wax

  • U&P 015 Die Young - Chosen Path 12"

    20 test pressings

    100x black wax

    150x solid brown wax

    250x clear orange wax

    Co-release with Headfirst Records and Vegan Records

  • U&P 014 - V/A Youth Crew 2014 7"

    51x test pressings

    125x crystal clear wax

    125x white wax

    125x silver wax

    125x silver mixed with process blue wax

    125x process blue wax

    Co-release with Positive and Focused, We Stand Records, Akashic Records, Speedowax, True Spirit Records and Trilob Records

  • U&P 013 Spiknykter 7"

    3x test pressings (not for sale)

    120x green wax

    380x red wax

    Co-release with Refuse Records and Commitment Records

  • U&P 012 Raw Justice - We Don't Need Your Friends 7"

    23x test pressings

    350x black wax

    70x black wax & tour cover

    219x black wax (2nd press with blue cover)

    Co-release with Straight And Alert Records and Life To Live Records

  • U&P 011 Can't Relate - Demo 2008 7"

    14x test pressings

    42x black wax

    98x white wax

    122x yellow wax

    Co-release with Positive and Focused Records

  • U&P 010 Lose The Life - The End Of Conformity LP

    100x black wax

    100x green wax

    100x red wax

    25x hand numbered Free Palestine cover

  • U&P 009 Allocation / Raindance split 7"

    100x blue wax

    100x clear transparent wax

    Co-release with Zwarte Dood Recordings

  • U&P 008 Truth Inside - s/t 7"

    20x test pressings

    25x green (splatter) wax

    125x white wax

    150x grey splatter wax

    225x black wax

  • U&P 007 Allocation - Corvus Corax, Corvus Corone 10"

    150x orange wax

    150x purple wax

    Co-release with Zwarte Dood Recordings, Demon Spawn and Deafcult

  • U&P 006 Last Hope - Bulgar Display Of Power DVD + CD

    1000 copies


  • U&P 005 Unbreakable - Peace of Mind 7"

    200x black wax

  • U&P 004 Blade - Lambs To The Slaughter 7"

    300x black wax

  • U&P 003 Lions Den - s/t CD

    500 copies

  • U&P 002 Golden Violence - Hate Has Come CD


  • U&P 001 Outrageous - s/t CD